Phone Vs Android – What Is Better?

If you are looking for a brand new phone, you are likely going to be choosing between Android and iPhone. The truth is, no operating system is inherently better than the other. Each operating systems have their own pros and cons. Below, we will be going over some of the differences between them and we will go over some things that might make you consider one over the other.

Pros of iPhone:

1. Great Optimization.

Perhaps the biggest benefit and the biggest thing that iPhone’s have going for them is their heavy optimization. Because Apple only makes one phone and because they fully design it in-house, the entire hardware is designed to work seamlessly with the software and operating system. Therefore, you are going to be able to get a fully optimized phone that is built from the ground up to work as well as possible with the operating system. This used to be only possible with iPhone. However, Google has since begun to manufacture phones to their own specifications. Therefore, this benefit is quickly being reduced.

2. Excellent Build Quality.

When it comes to iPhones, you are generally going to get superior build quality to Android counterparts. With the exception of Samsung, you are likely going to find the build quality for iPhones is much better than the other options on the market.

Cons of iPhone:

1. Less Choice.

The fact is, if you are interested in iPhones and iOS, you are going to be left with one single choice – which is an iPhone. While you can choose to purchase a previous model of an iPhone, you are not going to be able to go with a different manufacturers model. Instead, you will be stuck choosing to purchase one of the iPhone models.

2. More Restrictive Ecosystem.

Another negative associated with iPhone and iOS is its restrictive ecosystem. Because Apple is a stickler for quality control, you are generally not going to have as many choices when it comes to different kinds of features, apps, or various things that might not be fully tested or optimized for iPhones. Also, you will not be able to install apps or anything that hasn’t passed the thorough inspection of the Apple Store. Thus, you are generally going to be restricted to Apple’s own guarded walls. Whereas, with Android, you are going to have much more freedom to operate and to choose things you want to use or have on your phone.

Pros of Android:

1. More Choice.

Android has a lot of different manufacturers that you are going to be able to choose from which can make things much better for choosing the best phone for your specific needs.

2. Fewer Restrictions and More Freedom.

You will ultimately have more freedom with the ability to root, unlock bootloaders, and do all kinds of things with the Android ecosystem and phones.

3. Faster Features.

Because Android typically is known as a Beta type of operating system, you are generally going to get features before iOS users and because the hardware manufacturers are constantly having to compete with one another in order to ‘out-innovate’ one another, it generally leads to more progress in terms of innovation and features because it is the only way to differentiate their phones from their competition.

Overall, there are plenty of pros and cons to both. Choosing the best one all depends on what you use your phone for and what you want out of it.