• Completely Invisible Screen Protection
  • Liquid Screen Protector (Not Peel & Stick)
  • Easy 5-Minute Application
  • 9H+ Ultra Scratch Resistant
  • Drop & Crack Resistance
  • Kills Up-To 99.8% of Bacteria
  • Reduces Radiation by Up-To 90%
  • For ALL Phones & Tablets
  • 100% Bubble-Free
  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic
  • Safe & Will Not Damage Your Phone


Our breakthrough new liquid screen protector featuring state-of-the-art nano-technology not only protects your screen from drops and scratches, it also reduces radiation up to 90%…keeping you and your children safer. ​

Easy 5-minute application! This is an easy to apply liquid, NOT a peel and stick film like other screen protectors. The application process is completely safe and will not damage your phone.
In 5 minutes or less you can protect your device’s glass surface with a triple layer of space-age, eco-friendly nano-technology.
Your screen becomes ultra scratch resistant with 9H+ hardness plus – the coating actively kills 99.8% of bacteria.

Why Cell Phone Screen Protectors are Important

Smartphones today are expensive, with most phones costing between $700 and $1000. What’s the first accessory you usually purchase for your phone? Typically, a phone case, to protect your investment. But something that tends to get overlooked is screen protectors. There are tons of videos on YouTube of people trying to damage their new phone screen to no avail with knives, nails, screwdrivers, etc. Many consumers now think that phone glass technology has evolved to a point where you don’t need a screen protector – but that is just not the case. Let’s face it, how often do we attempt to cut our phones in half or use them as a construction project? Never! A phone screen can still be damaged without a screen protector by falling on hard tile, rocks, concrete, or asphalt – which is all much more real to life. Carrying a phone in your pocket or purse without a screen protector is like a construction worker entering a site without a hard hat, or a nurse not using gloves when providing care. It’s not smart, and your phone will probably become damaged. Moreso, if your phone screen does end up damaged, you could end up paying over $250 for a new screen, depending on your device. A screen protector would have cost less than $25, which is over $225 in savings. Besides saving money and frustration, screen protectors help reduce glare. The finish on the screen protector diffuses reflections, allowing you to enjoy your phone with less eye strain, and on a lower brightness setting to reduce battery consumption. The coating that a screen protector leaves on the phone also protects the phone from UV damage and radiation. Screen protectors are resistant to fingerprints, helping to keep your device clean and aesthetically pleasing. The choice is pretty clear. If you want to keep your phone in mint condition and save money, you need to guard your phone with a screen protector.

Why Choose a Liquid Screen Protector
When selecting a screen protector there are a few options to choose from, but none are as easy to use, invisible, or drop resistant than liquid screen protection. Tempered glass or film screen protectors have been the market standard but have a host of disadvantages that do not exist with wipe-on screen protectors. Glass and film protectors are exceptionally picky, and if you have unsteady hands or make even a tiny mistake, it will be misapplied. Liquid screen protection does not have this problem, as you merely wipe the liquid onto your phone and let it dry. This kind of protection will evenly coat and protect your whole phone screen. Anyone who has ever placed a glass or film protector knows that even the smallest particle of dirt, dust, or oil from your fingers can cause unsightly, annoying, and permanent bubbles to form under the screen protector. It’s no wonder people didn’t want to use screen protectors before liquid screen protection!
How to Apply a Liquid Screen Protector
The process of applying a liquid armor screen protector is seamless, and there is no possibility of bubbles that happen with the traditional glass and film protectors. To start, clean the phone screen with the provided wipe and make sure its dry. Then apply the liquid screen protection solution, polish the phone screen and let it sit for a few minutes. Finally, shine it again and voila! You should have a perfectly clean and 100% bubble-free phone screen. If you do choose a glass or film protector, chances are over time, the protector will peel up from the edges of your screen as the adhesive wears off. Eventually dust and dirt will accumulate under these peels and reduce the effectiveness of your screen protector, as well as making your phone appear dirty. Tempered glass protectors also have the possibility of shattering, and posing a safety hazard to you, your children, and your pets. Liquid armor screen protection will not break, is chemical free and non-toxic, and will keep those around you safe. The sun can also change the color of your glass or film screen protector if you enjoy outdoor activities, but liquid screen protectors won’t tarnish. Liquid screen protectors dry clear on your phone screen and will NOT accumulate layers of dust and dirt over time, nor will they change colors and obscure your screen. The screen protectors of yesterday leave an edge around your phone and can change the way you interact with the touchscreen. Liquid screen protectors are entirely invisible and will still provide your screen with fingerprint, smudge, and crack protection. They will also not affect how you use the touchscreen on your device. The most significant thing about liquid screen protection is that one kit will protect ANY phone. You no longer have to search for that specific screen protector, just purchase and apply it!
How to Care for Your Liquid Screen Protector
Liquid screen protectors have an “oleophobic” coating which repels oils from your fingers and dirt. Just like anything that you frequently use though, your liquid screen protector will get slightly dirty over time. However, it can be easily cleaned in a matter of seconds. Dirty or covered in smudges? Take a microfiber cloth and making small circular motions over your screen. This should keep your screen clean and free of dust and debris for a time. If your phone is still dirty or has something sticky, turn your phone off, take out the battery, and apply a small amount of water to the microfiber cloth to remove the dirt. While your liquid screen protection is resistant to small amounts of water on its surface, it does not make your phone waterproof, and you should NOT go swimming with your device or submerge it in water unless approved for this by the manufacturer. Liquid armor screen protectors do an excellent job of providing a germ-free surface, but if you’re worried, you can purchase a phone screen cleaner or a UV light. You should never use an alcohol-based solution, such as Windex, to clean your phone screen. Doing so can degrade the protective elements of your screen protector and the phone screen itself. You should also avoid paper-based wipes such as paper towels, facial tissues, or wash clothes. These thick fabrics can scratch your screen over time and leave a paper residue that is hard to remove. The liquid screen protector should be reapplied every 12 months for maximum protection.
Wet Guard Liquid Screen Protectors are the Best
You should protect your phone screen, and you should do it right. The liquid screen protector from Wet Guard is the best defense against fingerprints, scratches, and cracks. The secret is the Wet Guard nanotechnology, which evenly coats and protects your smartphone screen. A new Wet Guard screen protector is less than $25 and will save you money and frustration by protecting your screen against breakage. The wipe-on screen protector is incredibly easy to use, and will not leave bubbles or dirt behind like older screen-protectors. Tempered glass and peel-on film protectors wear off over time, leaving dust and dirt around the edges and changing the appearance and feel of your phone screen. Liquid screen protection from Wet Guard will not damage your device, affect its performance, or change the appearance or feel of your touch screen in any way. Wet Guard liquid screen protection is rated at 9H+ Ultra Scratch Resistant, making it one of the most robust liquid screen protectors on the market. Wet Guard specially designs their screen protectors to kill up to 99.8% of bacteria, and reduce harmful radiation by up to 90%! The best part about Wet Guard Liquid Screen Protectors? They work on ANY phone or tablet! Simply buy, follow the instructions for the easy 5-minute application, and enjoy your new device without worrying about screen damage! Wet Guard Liquid Screen Protectors are selling quick, and there is only a limited quantity available. Hurry and purchase today to enjoy your clean, invisible, and easy-to-use wipe-on screen protector from Wet Guard!

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